Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can't Think of a Title

Today is one of those wonderful spring Saturdays....I know, it's the end of May, and in much of the country, that's called "summer". Not here. Not yet. Anyway, the air is crisp and floralized, my roses are blooming and the peonies are giving off their last breaths of scent. My pets are happy, and I've stumbled upon a nice Sirius radio channel. I've been productive in many things - writing, managing photos, catching up on emails, nailing down travel plans and wish lists, and I've even gotten a little work done on the side. And the day's not yet half over. Which is probably a good thing; I have a lot of housework to do!

I love days like these when happiness seems to drift through the air and a half permasmile is planted on my face. It's a good day!

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