Saturday, May 09, 2009

Prom Season in NW Ohio

It's that time of year again - girls donning shiny gowns, heading to salons for up-dos, and hitting the tanning beds and nail salons pretty hard, too. The 'cruise' isn't what it used to be when I went to the prom. Here, instead of folks gathering at parks for late sun-drenched photo shoots, you see a lot of dressed-up prom-goers at.........wal-mart.

So, imagine standing in a check-out line with cat litter and dog food and Dr. Pepper (essentials only this trip). You turn to look at the inane chatter of teenagers to your right, and see a gaggle of kids playing fancy dress-up. Nothing against that, it's fun and everyone should enjoy the opportunity.

But, right behind this flock was an elderly farmer and his wife - complete with John Deere trucker's cap, just tickled pink to be talking with these preened young'uns. If I had a camera, and could have been less obvious than snapping a photo from the next checkout lane, I would have.

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