Friday, August 29, 2014

Financial Accounting

Holy Cow it's been a long time since I've postied here!  Despite that, this blog seems to garner more views than the one about my life in photos.  What is wrong with you people? (just kidding, thanks for reading).  

Looks like 2010 is the last post - my birthday, no less.  So, I've had another one of those - birthdays - and am now smack in the middle of my 40s.  I think I wrote before about my Fear of Turning Forty....totally unwarranted.  This has been the best decade yet (or at least a super close tie with my 20s).  

So, now it's 2014, and I've done a few things: moved cross country a few times, left my secure job to jump off as an independent contractor, and moved to an area of the country that I just used to dream about visiting on the rare vacation time off.  Couldn't be happier!  Which is probably why my mind is starting to muse about unnecessary things again.  What a beautiful mental luxury!  And that is what brought me back to this blog.  So, without further ado, I will post my latest musing - no so much a hap, or even a mishap.

I've just heard it referred to as "Financial Accounting". Isn't that a given? I know there are lots of varieties of accounting (tax, project, grant, forensic, etc), but aren't they all just variations on a theme? I mean, it's not as though we're going to confuse Financial Accounting with, say, Recreational Accounting. Can't it just be called Accounting? Isn't life simpler that way? 

ahh, thanks - it's good to be back. 

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